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Briar Rose Photography: Questions To Ask Before You Hire Your Yukon Wedding Photographer

What Questions Should I Ask Before I Hire My Yukon Wedding Photographer?

Hiring the perfect Wedding Photographer is a pretty big deal. You want to know you have a professional, someone you can rely on and trust to do an incredible job on your wedding day. There is so much more to consider than just making sure you love their images. However, some of these questions might not be obvious if this is your first time planning a wedding, and I bet it is! Let me help you feel prepared so you know you have hired the best Yukon Wedding Photographer. 


Do you have a business license, permit and business Insurance to be a Yukon Wedding Photographer?  

You might be saying to yourself this is a weird thing to ask. How does this impact me? It’s very easy to present yourself as a professional Wedding Photographer. All it takes is a nice camera, and a free Facebook business page with images taken from Google, Pinterest or even other photographers. Sadly, that’s not even the scary part. To book any kind of vendor for your wedding day, we will all require a retainer. The retainer makes it possible for us to reserve your date. So let’s say you find someone who is just starting out and you think you’re getting a great deal, for instance. You book this Yukon Wedding Photographer and pay their retainer only to find out shortly before your wedding that they are no longer in ‘business’. Their Facebook page is now gone and you can no longer reach them by email or phone. Now since they never actually had proper documentation to be offering their services you essentially just made a payment to a person, not a business. Therefore, legally they have no obligation to refund you. This is why a legal business will always have you sign a contract. This protects your security as much as their own.
Now, this may not affect you directly, but it’s great peace of mind knowing that the professional you hire has considered all the ‘what ifs’. Did you know that unlike home and auto insurance, you’re not required to have small business insurance? However, wouldn’t you like to know if something happens to the photographer’s equipment they have insurance coverage to help replace everything. In my experience if photography is not someone’s full-time profession they may not be thinking about these ‘what ifs’ quite the same.
“I’ve been a proud legal business owner since 2016! Getting my Yukon business permit, license and insurance was first on my list when moving here. If you want to know for sure send me a message and let’s set up a free consultation and I would be happy to show my Whitehorse business license!”  -K.H
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Can your equipment perform well in over-exposed and low-light settings?

Wedding photography is the only kind of photography that has such unpredictable light. Studio photographers turn on lighting that stays the same each day making this much more simple. Family photographers can schedule their sessions around the sun and shoot only when the lighting is most favourable. As Wedding photographers, we come across crazy lighting scenarios all the time! Some of these scenarios can include windowless basement receptions, stained glass windows, fluorescent ceiling lights or high noon direct sun making shadows under the nose and causing everyone’s eyes to squint! Just as not enough light makes things challenging, having way too much light is just as bad. It’s important to know that whomever you hire has the knowledge and equipment to handle all of these situations and more.
“I can confidently say as a Yukon Wedding Photographer I have the best cameras and lenses in the Canon lineup. These beauties can see better in the dark than I can! I fully understand as a wedding photographer I need to be prepared for everything and anything especially working with less than ideal lighting.” -K.H

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Do you have a backup camera, lenses and other important equipment?

Camera equipment is not invincible. Just like your phone or laptop, our machines can break. Accidents happen! Make sure whoever you hire has brought backup equipment along with them. This way even if their camera does quit on them you won’t have to worry. This is another benefit of working with a professional.
“Personally I have four cameras and twelve lenses, I never leave the house with out being prepared!” -K.H

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Sometimes we feel awkward in photos. Can you help us with that?

If one of you or both of you feel awkward in photos you’re not alone! I hear this all the time. Could you imagine spending hours of your wedding day standing there staring at the camera smiling until your face hurts? Then, when you get your photos back you start to cringe at how fake your smiles look. That would be awful! Because we don’t do it very often, being in front of the camera can be an intimidating place to be. However, you’re going to spend a lot of time on your wedding day taking pictures. That means you want to make sure you’re going to work with someone who can make it feel fun and easy and hopefully less awkward. 
“My number one rule as a Yukon Wedding Photographer is “NO awkward photos!” I have taken multiple courses on posing and body language. I will always set both of you up to look your absolute best. After that instead of focusing on the perfect poses, it is important that we focus on the connection you two have. While in these poses the two of you are going to play some little games together. This way while you’re bonding if you burst out into full belly laughs I’ll get to capture that natural laugh you love. Then if things start to slow down and you have a more quiet, intimate moment I will be able to candidly capture that as it happens instead of forcing it to take place. It’s important to me that both of you make memories throughout our time together so that way when you get your album back you have these perfect little reminders of what will be the most incredible day of your lives.”- K.H

How hard will it be to communicate with you leading up to the wedding?

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I believe communication is key when it comes to having a smooth wedding day. I couldn’t imagine being the bride who is stressed at home because my wedding vendors won’t answer my emails or worse can’t take the time to sit down and help me make a plan for my big day that works. As wedding professionals, we have done this before and it’s likely that this is your first time so how nice would it be to have a team behind you that can help you get prepared? Before you hire a Yukon Wedding Photographer make sure you know that communication and help planning is part of the package. 
“We will have many occasions for conversation but what I really think helps the most is the “Four Weeks Out Call”. Four weeks before the wedding we will set up a planning call. This is when we will go over every inch of your day from start to finish. You will get a chance to tell me all the important details you have planned and want photographed and I’ll share my best tips and tricks with you to help ensure your photos come out looking spectacular. Once we are on the same page we will be ready to hit the ground running for your big day.”K.H
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