In a world filled with virtual connections, I believe in getting to know my clients on a personal level. Set up a consultation with me via the phone and let's get to know each other.

I want to know how you got engaged, I want to hear the excitement in your voice as you describe your perfect wedding day and I want us to envision together the best way I can keep these memories alive for more than just a lifetime. These images should be enjoyed for generations to come. 

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am so excited you're here. Being able to share my story with my clients is the most beautiful and vulnerable thing a person can do. 


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You know that question that we're all faced with as kids? You know the one, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Is it just me or did we always seem to have insane answers? Some of mine included actress, fashion designer, or photographer. The adult response to our answers almost always resulted in "You can't make a living doing that, sweetie." and by the time you're a teenager you get it in your head that the things you absolutely suck at (like math) are the only roads to success. It creates a confusing picture of your future. You feel as though crossing your fingers and hoping you wake up a math genius is likely the only answer.

At 24 years old, I was a district manager for a marketing company. I was comfortable collecting that reliable paycheque, but I was also dreaming of that photography career. While for me dreaming turned into a reality when my husband bought me a new DSLR camera for Christmas with a weekly Thursday night photography course. That's where it started for me. Within a year, I had completed nearly every course offered by Burwell School of Photography and went on to receive my diploma in Graphic Design and Photography at Pixel Blue College downtown Edmonton.

At this point, I had already started my business, Briar Rose Photography. Along the way, I found a true passion for Wedding, Engagement and Elopement Photography. To be honest this came as no surprise. As a hopeless romantic turning someone's unique love into art, well, that's my jam! I always like to tell my clients that 'Once upon a time' starts with many things, but 'Happily ever after' begins here. This journey of being an entrepreneur has been a wild one. It has brought me passion and happiness in ways I didn't know were possible within a career.

So when a little kid tells me they want to be an astronaut when they grow up, I tell them to shoot for the stars!

as a photographer, a wife and a crazy dog mom who loves her family

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urning Your Unique Love Into Art, That's My Jam! 🍇


"I am a hopeless romantic.
My goal as a photographer is to romanticize everything about your relationship and your wedding day."

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"Why should we hire the Briar Rose Team to shoot our wedding?" That is my favourite question to answer because it gives me the opportunity to tell you that not only is wedding photography my dream job but it’s also my greatest passion. Once the flowers have died, the food has been ate, and the wedding is over, all you will really have left from that perfect day will be your photos. Ensuring these photos hold the best memories attached to them from this once-in-a-lifetime day is the most important thing to us. 


the Briar Rose Family

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"Why should we hire the Briar Rose Photography team to shoot our wedding?” 

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This is the Edmonton A-team when it comes to all things wedding and photography! These girls have been by my side for anywhere between 5 and 8 years now! Nearly my entire career as a wedding photographer here in Edmonton. They are so wonderful at what they do and truly passionate about photography and ensuring our clients have the most wonderful photos and memories from their wedding day. 


"Why should we hire the Briar Rose Photography team to shoot our wedding?” 

the Briar Rose Family

meet my Team

"Kaley-lynn and her team are incredible! From the first phone call I felt comfortable putting my wedding pictures in her hands. She has a vibrant personality that shines through in everything she does. She got my fiance to come out of his shell during our engagement pictures and they turned out so beautifully! Cut to our wedding day where Kaley-lynn and Ashley made us all feel comfortable and so, SO beautiful! We could not have asked for more beautiful pictures! I am so grateful for the memories that will last a lifetime thanks to this wonderful lady and her company! Looking forward to the next occasion for pictures so we can meet again."



"We had the pleasure of bringing Kaley to Cancun with us to capture our destination wedding and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Right from the beginning, we talked consistently about all the details, I think she and I both got equally more excited. Kaley was amazing to work with and so efficient. Our wedding day went by flawlessly with her help. The following day at sunset she took the time to meet with us again to take trash the dress photos in the ocean at sunset. And while I may have been washing sand out of my hair for weeks after that, the photos she captured that night are truly magical. We are so in love with all of our photos and we can’t thank Kaley enough!"



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