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Briar Rose Photography: Style Guide

What to wear for your photoshoot with Briar Rose Photography. The Ultimate Style Guide!

Feel confident at your Edmonton photography photoshoot with our style guide designed to have you looking and feeling your absolute best! In addition, you will walk away with photos you simply adore! 

Our Number One Rule: Coordinate VS. Matching

In other words, don’t pick out the exact same outfit for each family member. Instead, find complementary colours and styles that flow well together. Similarly, I like to follow this rule “Pick 3 base colours and 1 pop colour” and build your outfits with this in mind.
1. White
2. Grey
3. Black
POP: Rose Gold
1. White
2. Burgundy
3. Navy blue
POP: Mustard yellow

PRO TIP: ​​​​​​​Plan together! This is the best way to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Dress Up!

Be Timeless, You are going to want these images to stand the test of time. Pick a classic look and style that you can still incorporate your own flair into, for instance.

The Do Not List

  • Do not wear sunglasses
  • Do not wear glasses
  • Do not wear polo shirts
  • Do not have written profanity
  • Do not wear cargo bottoms
  • Do not wear logos
  • Do not wear running shoes
  • Do not wear casual ponytails
  • Do not wear sweat gear
  • Do not wear old pilly or ripped clothing

The Do List

  • Do put on make up (professional or at home)
  • Do your hair (men & woman)
  • Do clean jewelry (engagement ring)
  • Do clean children’s face & hands
  • Do wear something you’re comfortable in
  • Do dress up
  • Do clean your footwear
  • Do dress in layers
  • Do accessorize
  • Do have fresh nail polish and moisturize hands

What To Wear “For Her” At Your Photography Photoshoot

This is your time to shine! Therefore dress up! Pull out those badass heels and grab that dress. You know the one! That one that makes you feel amazing when you put it on. It can be that show stopper long, full-length, evening gown or a flowy dress or skirt that’s super flirty and fun. However, you will get extra bonus points if your dress is white and bridal or in a neutral or pastel colour. These colours photograph really well. 
However, if professional attire or a casual look is more your thing we can also work with that! It’s easy to dress up a pair of great-fitting pants with some high heels and a cute blazer or jacket for instance.  The bottom line is don’t be afraid to dress up! Be timeless, You are going to want these images to stand the test of time.
This is the perfect day to do your hair and makeup trial! After that pampering yourself with a fresh nail set and some lashes is highly encouraged! As a result you’re going to have so much fun, getting all dolled up and celebrate your engagement in style! Above all make sure you feel comfortable so that you’re ready to rock your session!

What To Wear “For Him” At Your Photography Photoshoot

You’re looking for that sophisticated look. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go with some closed-toed dress shoes for instance and a dress shirt with fitted pants, this always does the trick. However, if you have a pair of lucky shorts you wear with socks and sandals leave them at home for this one. 
Layers always look great for photos. For instance it’s worth it to bring that nice dress jacket in your closet. You can always remove layers at some point during our session for another look. In addition this will also give your photos more dimension.
If you have a classy watch (no smartwatches), a special tie or bowtie, pocket square, suspenders or a nice hat bring it all along with you! Yes, men can rock accessories too and it helps to personalize your look at our session.  The bottom line is don’t be afraid to dress up! As a result you’re going to be timeless, and these images will stand the test of time.


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