Yorath house in Edmonton

Briar Rose Photography: A Wedding At The Yorath House In Edmonton

Yorath House In Edmonton

Yorath House in Edmonton is a small modern building tucked away near the Buena Vista Park and Edmonton Valley Zoo. This part of the city is absolutely gorgeous with its mature towering trees that create dramatic archways perfect for your wedding day photoshoot backdrop.

A Little Bit About Our Couple 

Our wedding couple on this day would be best described as the ultimate power couple. They are both university graduates now working in their dream careers. They are an unstoppable force. Funny enough this dynamic duo met for the first time, twice. Yes, you read that correctly. Our groom completely forgot that he had already met his future bride at a rave here in the city. So the second time they met our bride was a little surprised as he reintroduced himself at a local bar. She had to giggle knowing that this was actually their second time meeting, Though he might not have remembered that first interaction it’s safe to say the second time left an impression.

A Wedding Day Theme 

The theme for their wedding was “No two things are alike”. Bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, colour combinations, table centrepieces and even glassware were all unique and different from the next. This created a unique and fun vibe, it suited the energy of the day perfectly.
The entire day was nothing short of laughs and sparks of passion and joy from start to finish. These two got rather “spicy” during bridal photos and personally, I am here for it! The weather must have known the theme because no two hours of the day were the same between a combination of sunshine, and heavy rains it even started hailing at some points. As a result, I’m sure you can imagine it helped to create a vibration of excitement and heart-pounding adventure from one moment to the next.

The Venue 

Yorath House in Edmonton was the most spectacular spot for this couple. It is a modern venue with warm wood tones and a fun architectural style on the outside. Meanwhile, the inside has a cozy comfy feel. The reception space is begging to house unforgettable moments with friends and family on a special day just like this one. The main areas of the venue were dressed in fun colourful decor that really made the room come alive.

Wedding Day Attire 

The bride’s dress was the most incredibly romantic dress. She had beautiful sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. She was absolutely breathtaking. Our groom had a velvet jacket separating his style apart from the groomsmen and all the bridesmaids wore different dresses to help bring out their theme. Everyone was dressed in fun colourful attire that matched the venue decor perfectly.

Special Moments 

One part of the day that I found to be particularly special was when the bride and groom had their close friends sing “You’re Still The One.” by Shania Twain in a soft indi tone for their first dance. It was a magical moment. I can say from the time we arrived in the morning to the moment we left that night there was always a smile on everyone’s face. Wedding days are always happy, but this wedding was beaming with excitement and joy.
I knew from my first phone call with this couple that I wanted to be a part of their day. They truly cared on a very deep level about the photos from this special once-in-a-lifetime day. Working with them to create these beautiful images was a dream come true. For me, getting to work with my “most ideal client” means I am working with two people who love photos as much as I do. In other words, that’s when I know magic is going to happen.

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