Briar Rose Photography: A Wedding At The Enjoy Centre

It all started with two little words “Stud Muffin”.

This is the story of our wedding at A Wedding At The Enjoy Centre. Lauryn & Mitchell have a complex history but after spending so much time with them and getting to know their love story I think I have it just about figured out. They first met in grade school where Mitchell was the new kid in class. The teacher had everyone write one nice word about the new kid and this is when Lauryn decided that “Stud Muffin” was the way to go. However, it’s pretty clear that this left a lasting impression on our groom.

The details get a little harder to follow after this moment but essentially Lauryn moved away to Nova Scotia breaking this stud muffin’s heart. Luckily once Facebook was invited they reconnected. Where Lauryn did special photoshoots to get her number one follower’s attention! From what I hear it worked because Mitchell faithfully liked every single thing she posted! I guess he will continue to do that now until the end of time.

October weddings in Canada can be pretty tricky to plan.

You don’t know if you’re going to get fall, summer or winter weather. Lauryn & Mitchell, we’re blessed with winter weather, a very cool -3. Why does -3 in October feel so much colder than -3 in April? However, despite the cool temperatures, the fresh white snow was gorgeous and the day really was so beautiful.

The Enjoy Centre was a truly spectacular venue for this wedding. The ceremony space was wrapped in floor-to-roof windows that overlooked the most stunning sunset. After the ceremony space was flipped into the reception room Lauryn put it best by saying “Um wow! Who thought this was a good idea!? Me! It was me!” As she entered. It was absolutely breathtaking. The ambient candle lighting reflected in all the windows created a magical atmosphere.

It was so much fun working with Lauryn & Mitchell. At the engagement session, I could see how perfect these two were for each other. They can’t stop laughing and having fun together and I find it beautiful to watch two people who enjoy each other so very much.


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