Wedding at the Government house

Briar Rose Photography: A Wedding At The Government House

Step into a fairytale as we unveil the enchanting love story of Jacqueline & Simon’s charming wedding at the Government House. Simon and Jacqueline are a match made in heaven. They have known each other since she was in elementary and he was in junior high. Many years later Simon proposed to Jacqueline in Paris, the city of love, underneath the Eiffel Tower. Talk about a fairytale moment.


“Who here loves Disney?!” I can confidently say that I know Jacqueline and I would have our hands up high if that question was asked. There were so many tiny hidden Disney elements to their day. The first one happened at the engagement session when they brought a tiny Eiffel Tower keychain to pose her engagement ring on. We also picked a location with some European vibes to tie into their proposal location. On the wedding day, Jacqueline wore a hairpiece styled as Cinderella’s carriage with tiny diamond Mickey Mouse details in it. The ring box was also shaped like Cinderella’s carriage. Now I mentioned there was a puppy dog, Buster, and he wore his best suit for the occasion. I decided he was our prince charming of the day. Next to Simon of course! These small details were the cutest little personal touch.


What can you say about September Elopements at the Government House designed and planned around golden hour? Is there anything more perfect? I’m going to vote “No, there is not.” on this one. There is nothing I love more than crisp and vibrant autumn leaves on the ground with that golden glowing sun at a venue that gives you fairy tale princess vibes. The Government House is a true gem for the Edmonton Wedding community. It’s located just outside of downtown, with a spacious parking lot, award-winning gardens and a building that makes you feel like you stumbled across a castle. I have shot dozens of weddings and engagement sessions here and I will always come back to this spot when I know my couple is looking for images that showcase their love in the most romantic way possible.


We need to have a moment for Jacqueline’s wedding day dress. Jacqueline’s dress was purchased at Bridal Debut Gownhouse and the designer was Allure Bridals; the style she chose was called “Cinderella”. I told you there was a Disney theme going on at this wedding. I knew the second that I saw Jacqueline that day that her dress was inspired by none other than Cinderella. It was a true princess dress cover with head-to-toe sparkles and the most extravagant detailing.


What really made Jacqueline & Simon’s day unique from a photography standpoint is they allowed me to schedule the entire timeline based on the best lighting results. That is not a common occurrence, though I wish it could be. Starting at the consultation we carefully planned a step-by-step plan that set us up for spectacular photos from start to finish and now I’m so excited to share them with all of you!


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