Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
Why I focus on wedding & couples photography
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

I love, love!
I can tell you no one loves, love like me.
I am the definition of a hopeless romantic.
What I love most about couples photography is capturing the unique love between two people and turning it into art. That's my jam! For me, it all started long before I picked up a camera with Disney movies and little girl dreams of weddings. It became part of me. My love for photography was also a part of me and it felt so natural to combine the two passions together.

I love meeting with a couple and being able to make them comfortable enough to pull them out of their comfort zone and be able to really watch them interact with one another in a spontaneous and intimate way while I capture the genuine candid moments between them.

I live for the emails, text messages and phone calls of couples screaming "Yes! they're perfect! We LOVE them! They are just SO US!`` That is my ultimate goal. To capture you, the two of you perfectly.
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

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