Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
What you should know before hiring your wedding photographer

Part 1 
Do they have a business licence and permit?
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
You might be saying to yourself this is a weird thing to ask. How does this impact me? It's very easy to present yourself as a professional photographer. All it takes is a nice camera from Best Buy, a free Facebook business page posting images taken from Google, Pinterest or even other photographers and that's not even the scary part. In order to book any kind of vendor for your wedding day, we will all require a retainer to save your date. So let's say you find someone who is just starting out and you think you're getting a great deal and you book the new photographer and pay their retainer only to find out shortly before your wedding that they are no longer in 'business'. Their Facebook page is now gone and you can no longer reach them by email or phone. Now since they never actually had proper documentation to be offering their services you essentially just made a payment to a person so legally they have no obligation to refund you. This is why a legal business will always have you sign a contract protecting your security as much as their own.

"I've been a proud legal business owner since 2016!"
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

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