Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
Self Growth 
Something I like to do every so often is glance back at previous work I've done over the years.
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
Like most artists, some days I love my images and other days I question why I'm still even trying, I mean I'll never be DaVinci!

Though that is true for many reasons like I don't really paint and I'm not a mad genius it's still not a valid reason to throw in the towel. Sometimes it's hard to see our own growth. We simply miss all the little steps that help build us into better artists, parents, employees, managers or even CEOs. When I'm having a "give up" moment I take the time to look back on my growth. I analyze all the baby steps of growth I see and usually I decide giving up wouldn't do me justice. I have learned to love the process though some days the process is slow and it's particularly hard on these days.

The only person I should ever compare myself to is the old me. She's the only person I'm trying to beat!

Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

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