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Planning A Post Pandemic Wedding
What does that mean?

Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
Well, we have come out on the other side. Businesses around the country are opening their doors, families are reuniting and the masks are coming off. This means you're no longer forced to pick between an elopement or postponing your wedding day. You can finally have your cake and eat it too! Some may feel it sounds a little too good to be true and I wouldn't argue with that. We are living in the early stages of a post-pandemic world; these are waters none of us have ever navigated before. So what does that mean in regards to planning your wedding? A few tips from someone who knows her fair share about weddings and planned her own pandemic wedding just this year.

1. Be willing to bend your expectations
We have seen it happen a few times over the last two years where the rules sneak upon us. Things are going splendid and then bam! Of course, we all have expectations of how our special day should go but be willing to fall in love with new ideas if you're faced with them.

2. Have a backup plan
So what if restrictions get put back into place? Have a plan in place. Know if you're rescheduling or if you plan to move forward with a smaller wedding.

3. It's okay if things get emotional
Your wedding is a big deal! It's already a roller coaster of emotions but throws in a pandemic and it only gets crazier. Allow yourself the time and space to handle everything in a healthy way. It will all be worth it!!

Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

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