Edmontons best wedding photographer
New Core Memory Unlocked*

Your wedding day will unlock multiple new core memories. That's a fact!
Edmontons best wedding photographer
Think about it, you're going to remember all the excitement trying to sleep the night before, that moment your eyes reach your partners for the first time and you realize you have finally made it to that moment, the food because somehow we always remember what we ate, for me that was A&W breakfast, seafood pasta and midnight pizza! Obviously, the clothes you wore! How often do we get to wear a white princess dress!! 

Of course, you're also going to remember the people who surrounded you during these moments. All of these key elements work together to create your memories and these are the type of memories that last a lifetime.

I'm fortunate to play a role in this big memory. I’m with you from early in the morning while you get ready, to the ceremony where two become one, the family photos with loved ones afterwards and then bridal party photos at a beautiful outdoor destination. Then most times I even come back to the reception with you where I’ll capture the speeches that are told and the dances that you share. I am in almost every scene from start to finish. So when you think about it I am forever embedded into what will be one of your favourite core memories. Woah that's pretty intense!

So I think it's pretty important you pick a wedding photographer who knows his or her stuff. Yes, taking beautiful photos is our main job of the day. That is technically what you're paying me to do as your wedding photographer. Yet, it's equally as important that I don't leave you standing there feeling awkward. Instead, I want to get you laughing and having fun connecting with each other. Because your wedding day deserves moments of connection and intimacy and that's the type of photos I pride myself on taking. It's also pretty important that I'm proactive and have a plan for us. I don't think something like your wedding day should be run on the fly. I want to know what's important to you, what makes your heart happy and how I can ensure you look back on your wedding day memories and think we hired a pretty freaking awesome wedding photographer.

Your wedding day will unlock new core memories for you both and I have the unique power to make sure that these ever-lasting memories kick butt. As your wedding photographer, THAT is my superpower.
Edmontons best wedding photographer

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