Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
My Favorite Part Of Our Wedding Day​​​​​​​
I am a hopeless romantic.
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
I've been dreaming of my day in a white dress since I can remember. While planning my wedding I definitely had the mindset of a "wedding photographer". I planned the entire day around natural lighting so we would have the best pictures from start to finish. I bought all the best photo props and morning details so that our album would be stunning. I made sure to hire the most incredible hair and make-up team and, of course, the perfect princess dress. I took my time to find the most amazing photographer to capture it all.
To my surprise, the photos were my second favourite part about our day! I know, it's shocking, isn't it! Wanna know my top favourite moment?
Okay, so my favourite moment was the second I got to see my groom, Shawn for the first time....
He had a smile that I'll never forget and tears in his eyes as I walked up to him. It was better than any fairytale moment I've seen in any Disney movie. We melted into each other when I got to the front of the aisle. He started off with his vows and wrote the most incredible promises and words of devotion I've ever heard. I proudly hang these vows along with my own on our wall upstairs and re-read them often.
I guess you could say my favourite part about my wedding day was all the love. Makes sense! Everyone knows how much I love, love!
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer

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