Edmonton Alberta Photographer
Edmonton Alberta Photographer
I'm A Storyteller
"A picture is worth a thousand words"
When I set up any session I always come up with a distinct game plan. Step one is spending time getting to know my clients before a session. That way I can pick a location that suits their personal vibe. The background adds so much context to any image. You want the sun behind you but also reflect back on the subject. Lighting is key. Obviously, you also want an attractive scene that suits the client's preferred look and once the location has been decided I get inspired. My biggest inspiration comes from picking out props and poses that are detailed for my specific client. Not everything works for everybody. Photography is not a "one size fits all" kind of game. Then there's my editing and this part is always consistent. I give my images a warm romantic glow that I've ensured my clients love well in advance of booking me.
Now this story takes two. My clients also have some work to do. I send them a few tools to help get them started. A style guide, breaking down their outfit questions and delivering the 101 on what-to-wear so they look and feel their best. This is another major key to a successful session. I also ask them to look at my website and let them get inspired by previous sessions. Two heads are better than one!
Finally, with the help of my clients, a perfect location, and lighting, I started writing my story. Once I have a collection of images selected I bring that story to life through my post-production editing.
In the end, I do more than capture a good photo. I tell a story. The best story of all, yours.
Edmonton Alberta Photographer

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