Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
Guess what?! I just got married!
Always the wedding photographer, never the bride.
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

That WAS my mantra, but not anymore!

I got to walk down the aisle.
I got to see the tears in his eyes and that unforgettable smile as he looked at me for the first time dressed in white.
My heart melted as he read his vows.
I trembled as I told him mine and we melted into each other.
That day we laughed, we kissed, we danced, we cheered and we did everything in between.
it was pretty darn magical.

All weddings are magical.
I am a HOPELESS romantic, creating art out of your unique love, that's my jam!
Now that I'm a wife this is even MORE true than ever before.
The joy I had receiving our wedding photos was indescribable.
It was at that moment I thought to myself "THIS is what I do."

Yes, I do consultations, prep calls, engagement sessions, wedding day photos, I do up dresses, I bring Advil for emergencies, I dance with toddlers and I photograph couples eating cake. I do ALL of that!

But what I really do is I give couples a glimpse back on their favourite day. I provide a panoramic view of their love story. I deliver more than photos. I deliver love and joy in a package of lasting memories they get to keep forever.

Images from Nicole and John's 2021 Edmonton Alberta wedding.
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

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