Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
How to set up for morning wedding photos.
It's true, the "getting ready" photos on your wedding day are the cutest, but where to start?
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
1. First, find a good spot to hang your wedding dress. Somewhere that has lots of natural light like a big window or door frame. Hanging off the stairs can be the perfect backdrop.

2. Collect all your accessories into one corner and safe and sound for the photographer. This would include jewellery you will be wearing, a veil, shoes, perfume, champagne and anything special to your big day.
3. Clean the space we will be in! I know it's hard but the messy business does show up in photos. Try and eliminate the mess in your brightest room as that will provide the perfect photo backdrop.

4. Make sure the hair and makeup artist are able to stage a few of the perfect morning shots of you getting ready

5. Matching outfits!! Plan cute matching outfits for you and your bridesmaids!

Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

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