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How to dress for an engagement sessions
Edmonton Alberta Engagement Photographer

Engagement sessions are my favourite! This is when the whole thing starts to feel very real. I love capturing everyone's unique love, intimate moments and playful laughs together. You can trust me to shoot, create and deliver images that make you say "WOW that is SO US!" How do you dress for this milestone moment in your life? Well, that is a great question and I'm going to help you answer it.

First of all, I have created a style guide that is absolutely free and available to anyone on my website. This is the perfect place to start planning that picture-perfect look.

I always encourage dressing up! This is that perfect opportunity to wear an evening gown and heels while he styles his hair and presses a dress shirt. Be you but be the fancy side of you! One important misconception is the fact you two need to be "matching". Looking like twins isn't always the cutest. Instead, compliment each other's outfits. Learn more about how to do this and more about what colours work best in what season on my website style guide.

Style Guide: https://briarrosephotography.ca/style-guide

I have also put together a document so you can make the most of your engagement session. Why not right? Read over my how-to plan guide and make this a day you won't easily forget!

Planning your engagement session:

Together we will make this a fantastic experience with images you will cherish for a lifetime!

Edmonton Alberta Engagement Photographer

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