Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
How much should wedding photography cost?

This isn't a simple question to ask as I'm sure you've guessed. There's a lot to consider when it comes to pricing. Here are 7 good questions to ask yourself before you speak to a photographer.
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
1. How many hours do you need to be photographed?
Most wedding days vary from 4 - to 13 hours of Photography coverage.

2, Do you need a second Photographer?
I always bring someone with me for any package over 4 hours. A lot happens on your wedding day and it's important nothing gets missed and to do that it's helpful to have an extra set of eyes, hands and camera!

3. Do you want all the images edited or are you okay with only a select few delivered?
Having all the images usually will cost more. I personally include all images with all my wedding packages.

4. Is it important for you to have the getting ready images covered that morning or is this something you can live without?
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
5. Will you be having a reception that needs to be photographed?
With covid restrictions receptions aren't always a guarantee but if you're able to have one how much of the night will you want to be photographed?

6. Do you want a pre-engagement photo session done together?
I believe engagement photos are very important. This is a great chance to bond and get comfortable with your Photographer and start to feel confident in front of the camera.

7. What will the travel time look like on your big day? 
This is always something that has to be considered.
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
After you have sorted through these questions and that's when you're ready to speak with a few Photographers that you really like.

Of course, there is an industry package norm and most standard packages with a reputable business will start around $2000. We have our starting package at $1500 but our more popular packages are around $2500 - $3000.

For us every wedding package is different and custom made for each of our clients because everyone's needs are different! This is why I do a complimentary consultation then we can figure out exactly what you need and send you a quote for just that.
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer

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