Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
Why, and how I picked my wedding photographer.

Hardest things I've ever done in my 30's:

1. Turn 30 😭
2. Picking my wedding photographer!!
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
I was so overwhelmed. How do I pick someone to do the job I usually do on the single most important day of my life? I definitely considered bringing all my second shooters because my girls are FABULOUS and I knew they would do an amazing job. However, I wanted a stranger. I wanted someone who knew me as Kaley the "Super excited bride" not Kaley the "boss/friend".

So, how did I decide on my photographer? I knew a few things that really mattered like the consistency in their images and I wanted to see more than a couple of shots. I wanted to make sure they kicked but every time they had their camera out.

Secondly, personality!!! I don't do well with people who don't know how to have fun. I wanted to feel comfortable because I know that affects the photos in a big way. I have a ton of education on posing and prompts I was confident in my ability to coach myself and the bridal party into different looks and poses so that wasn't a huge deciding factor for me but if we felt uneasy with our photographer that wouldn't fly!

So really what it all came down to for me was consistently good photos, an awesome and fun personality plus their dedication to photography. I confirmed how many years he had been in business if he actually had his permit and license to run a company in Canmore and confirmed his intentions were to stay in the industry for years to come.

Overall I LOVE my wedding photos and the experience was wonderful! It pays to actually chat with your photographer ahead of time and make sure you pick the right person for you.

How did you pick your last photographer? Was it for your wedding or family photos and how happy were you in the end?
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

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