When was the last time your family had a FUN photoshoot?
I know as moms we get a bit of anxiety trying to pick out the perfect outfits and convince our kids (and husband) to get some updated family photos. 
Its not always the “funnest” job. 
Here’s the deal! 
I promise to have you all leaving our session with nothing but laughs on your faces, and on my camera! 
Let me help create and capture honest deep belly laughs, kisses of all kinds, big bear hugs, hand holding and maybe even some tickle fights! Lets have fun AND take photos that have the best memories attached. 
If you thought some of the faces above looked familiar you're correct! The images above are of my family and me. Nothing is more important than family. I always look for a reason to update our pictures!
happy family looking at camera  Edmonton family photographer
mom and dad hugging  Edmonton family photographer
 family all laughing together Edmonton family photographer
mom hugging her two babies Edmonton family photographer
family of four playing in the grass  Edmonton family photographer
Mom holding baby boy
little boy running
family holding hands walking
Dad and son walking
mom chasing little boy
mom walking little boy
family of four with dog
family with dog
Mom and daughter hugging
mom with daughter on her back
mom and daughter and smile
mom and daughter
family of seven  Edmonton family photographer
family of seven posing  Edmonton family photographer
mo laughing with her four girls  Edmonton family photographer
family of seven cuddled together  Edmonton family photographer
cute family of seven  Edmonton family photographer
family all walking and laughing  Edmonton family photographer
big family all smiling  Edmonton family photographer
happy little girl
mom and her baby laughing
mom and baby holding a flower
little girl laughing
mom and dad with fur baby
princess in the park
mom and daughter laughing drinking hot coco
little girl reading a book
mom and daughter in sunshine
mom and kids laughing in the park
mom and kids standing by the bridge
mom and kids all holding hands
mom and kids laughing outside
kids running under a blanket
Mom and dad walking the dogs
extended family image
grandma and grandpa with grands kids in the middle
mom, dad and son standing on the stairs
mom and son playing
4 kids laying in fall leves
baby smiling in purple with big blue eyes
baby smiling in purple
toddler sitting in fall leaves
Family photo in edmonton alberta
Dad and sons walking
Family of four laughing
Mom and babies
Family photo with city landscape
Family photos with Edmonton city landscape
Family photo by water

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