Edmonton Winter Weddings, Pros and Cons!
Have you been considering a winter wonderland wedding or have you already begun to plan one? Then this is for you. We all know how beautiful fresh white snow sparkling in the sun can be. With festive lights all over the city, winter can be the most magical time of year for any wedding. I mean, when else can you wear a white fur shawl and not look, super bougie? However, with that being said there are some downsides to planning a wedding in the winter. You have to be prepared for the fact it could be -28 that day and that doesn't sound fun to anyone. Let's break it down and see what the real 'pros' and 'cons' are when planning your winter wedding.
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Pros: Let's tackle the big one first. There are a few upsides so let's explore them. Are you a person who runs hot and easily breaks out into a sweat? Then this could be your season of choice. Winter weather will keep you cool and refreshed all day long. This can be a real blessing when wearing a huge fluffy white dress.

Cons: This should be obvious, it can be so darn cold during a Canadian winter! Between the bad roads, cars not starting and having to haul around big bulky jackets there are a few downfalls to consider.


Pros: You will be pleased to know nearly all wedding vendors are way less busy in winter. This means you will always have your pick when it comes to the venue, photographer, make-up, DJ and everything else. This is a huge advantage that only winter wedding clients have.

Cons: One thing to note is the difficulties certain vendors may encounter. When it comes to photography I can never have enough batteries when shooting a winter wedding. Batteries die faster in the cold so always make sure your vendor is prepared!

Picking A Dress

Pros: Okay, do you love sleeves on a wedding dress the way I do? If you answered yes to that question then this is the season for you! Long sleeves on your wedding dresses are likely the biggest upside of all. The elegance of this style of dress is so divine.

Cons: There are a ton of cons sadly. If you don't dig sleeves and want something with small straps or even strapless you might have a few regrets picking this style in the winter. This season limits you to certain dresses so be prepared for that.


Pro: All seasons are beautiful for photography but winter is definitely special and a little more unique as it's actually the least popular time of year. This aspect will give your photos a look that will stand apart. I also love to embrace the holiday season charm in my photos. Twinkly Christmas lights are my jam! Another great possibility is if it happens to snow during the day or the night before that can add some spectacular elements of beauty to your day.

Cons: Now this is a big factor, the sun sets really earlier in winter. It's so important to think of that when planning photos with your photographer.


Pros: Winter colors are usually really rich and showcase dark tones. Having these deeper colors will give your images a more modern look that I personally just love. The white snow mixed with rich deep colours will make the photos really pop!

Cons: Like most parts of the planning process you're limited when it comes to choosing your colors. Soft, pastels and light shades will look out of place with this season.


Pros: Let me start by saying I highly suggest fake flowers for your winter wedding. The bonus here is that this could actually be a less expensive solution. Plus, you can do what I did and plan a fun little girl's day with your maid of honour and hit up Micheals and just create the bouquet yourself!

Cons: I'm going to be totally honest here, real flowers don't last long on a winter day. They wilt and freeze and wilt so fast that typically we don't get many nice photos with the bouquet if you decide to buy real. I know a good florist will walk you through the best options but even then this weather is not meant for beautiful real flowers.

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