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Pros and Cons of Having a Summer Wedding

Thinking of having a traditional summer time wedding? Here's some points to ponder before you decide!
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer
Pros - Since the sun isn't going down till 9pm you have time for all the fun activities! Summer means less chance of rain and that is always a good thing on your wedding day. Plus, the temperature after dark is usually warm and pleasant for a late night party!

Cons - It can be so very hot and the lighting is harsh most hours of the day.

Pros - You will have GREAT flower availability with any florist. You can really get creative in this area.

Cons - Summer is a busy time of year in the wedding industry, vendors book up quickly sometimes one or two years in advance.

Picking A Dress
Pros - Okay, bring on the strapless/spaghetti strap dresses this is where light and flowy options shine.

Cons - On the downside, proofy dresses are gonna keep you awfully warm all day.

Pros - Well hello, it's sunny till 9pm! So much time for all things photography related.

Cons- However, that harsh sun is tricky to work around.

Summer Colours
Pros - Big, bright, bold, beautiful colours are always a fun choice in summer.

Cons - Leaving deeper and softer tones on the sidelines.
Edmonton Alberta Wedding Photographer

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