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Summer Wedding in Edmonton

Briar Rose Photography: The Pros and Cons of Summer Weddings in Edmonton

Pros and Cons of Having a Summer Wedding In Edmonton 

Thinking of having a traditional summer wedding in Edmonton? Here are some points to ponder before you decide!


Let’s Talk Weather For Your Summer Wedding in Edmonton

Pros – So you’re considering a Summer Wedding in Edmonton and weather is a big deciding factor to figure out. Since the sun isn’t going down till 9 pm you will have time for all the funnest wedding day activities! Summer usually means less chance of rain than in the spring and that is usually something you want on your wedding day. During the day, the temperature can be very high and that sticky summer heat can sometimes be a lot to handle but it also means that after dark it is usually still quite warm and pleasant for that late-night party if you want to keep it all outdoors.

Cons – The number one weather con in summer is that It can be so very hot. Sometimes it can feel a little too hot in a suit or long dress. Hot summer days also bring some harsh lighting throughout the late mornings and early afternoons.


A Look At Vendors 

Pros – Summer is every wedding vendors busiest time of the year. When it comes to your florist you will have a large variety to pick from and can get creative in this area. 

Cons – Other vendors might and likely will book up in advance. As I mentioned summer is a busy time of year in the wedding industry so you will want to look at booking your venue, photographer and videography two years in advance. Make up, hair and commissioner and will likely need to be booked one year in advance. So if you have the time to plan ahead than no sweat!

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Picking A Wedding Dress 

Pros – If you ask me the best part about planning your wedding is picking the dress! With a summer wedding you want to think about a breathable and flowy design. Something strapless or thin spaghetti straps would be most ideal. I find mermaid style dresses are popular or something that isn’t very heavy with too many layers. 

Cons – If you have your heart set on a big princess ball gown dress you might end up a little sweaty in that style of wedding dress but then again theres no rules. This is your wedding day and you my friend can wear whatever you want!


Photography For Your Summer Wedding in Edmonton

Pros – This is my specialty. (well, I hope it is anyways! ha) What can I say about photography at your summer wedding Edmonton? I can say The days are long and that isn’t a bad thing! With 5am sunrises and 9pm sunsets we truly have an entire day to play with. 

Cons – However, that harsh sun is tricky to work around. Making sure you pick photography locations to shoot at that provide shady options will be in your favour. All my clients gain access to my favorite locations in the city for wedding day photos and each location ensures we can shoot beautiful breathtaking images no matter the time or the lighting challenges we may face. 

Look at images from some stunning summer weddings we have photographed in Edmonton.


What Are The Best Summer Colour Choices 

Pros – Picking your wedding day theme and colours is such a fun part of the planning process! During my summer weddings I tend to see it all! Bright & bold combinations or soft & plush palettes are usually quite popular and are always a fun choice in summer.

Cons – Usually you want to stay away from fall like warm neutrals and more winterized deep darker tones. 

Just know that no matter what you can’t go wrong with a summer wedding in Edmonton!


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