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Spring Weddings, The Pros And Cons List!
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
The weather:
Pro: it's cooler and more comfortable outside than in the summer. Less sweaty and sticky can be a blessing.
Cons: it's also extremely unpredictable. You can end up with a winter wonderland to a scorching desert and everything in between. Makes it hard to plan for!

Picking a dress:
Pro: you can pick any dress you want! You can go short or long, in sleeves or strapless. You really have unlimited range on whatever style you like best.
Con's: be prepared to have mud on the bottom of long dresses and a shoulder cover-up in case it is cold.

Pro: spring is a slower time of year for weddings compared to summer or even fall. you will have your pick from some top vendors and you may even get a small discount.
Cons: None!

Guest availability:
Pro: With fewer people booking vacations and time off to get away in spring you know that guests can make it to your wedding more easily.
Cons: Same, some guests may already have a summer vacation planned and can't take off additional time if they are out of town.

Pro: Spring is a photographer's dream. With early sunsets, the lighting can create a magical vibe.
Cons: Spring is known for having lots of rain and that can be a problem.

Spring colours:
Pro: If you like softer colour palettes then spring is a no-brainer for you!
Cons: If you don't like softer colours you may need to be a rule-breaker and reach into some other colour palettes.

Blossom trees:
Pro: A major bonus you might get the chance to use blossom trees as a background in all your images!!
Cons: None!
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer

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