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Pros and Cons of A Fall Wedding
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
Who doesn't love a fall wedding? Eeek! Secretly, they have to be my all-time favourite. If you're curious why that is, let me tell you and it's not so I can pick up a pumpkin spice latte on my way to the wedding. Though I do love that aspect of fall, there are also some real fundamental reasons too.


Pro: There is nothing like that crisp fresh air in the fall. Wedding days are always fast-paced with a step-by-step agenda to follow from the time you wake up until basically, the photographer leaves. Each moment something important is happening and sometimes this excitement can become a tad bit overwhelming! I can personally say that after a very busy, hot and steamy summer wedding season, that cool fall air is a small blessing when you're running around from place to place. However, the fact it's not yet cool enough for a big ole winter jacket is the real icing on the cake!

Con: Sadly autumn comes and goes in the blink of an eye. The real risk when it comes to booking a wedding in the fall is you might actually end up with a summer or even a winter wedding instead. Here in Alberta, our fall likes to play hide and seek with us!

Picking A Dress

Pro: There really is no wrong choice when picking a fall wedding dress. *Mic drop* You can go with a light and tight mermaid style. Show off the shoulder and the back! *meeeeow* You can also run in the other direction with long lace sleeves and an extra few layers of frill and proof! When planning a fall wedding you have so much freedom when picking out your favourite dress.

Con: I honestly can't say there is one.


Pro: For wedding vendors, the fall season can be a little less busy compared to their summer calendar. This means you may have more options when picking out local vendors.

Con: However, this time of year everyone is planning for an indoor event. While booking most vendors could be easier, picking your favourite venue could get a whole lot harder. It gets tricky when you consider that all the city's outdoor locations are nearly eliminated. This is why I always suggest booking your venue first not just for a fall wedding but at any time of the year. When checking boxes off your "wedding to-do list" the venue should be number one!


Pro: Ahhh!! So MANY positives when it comes to photographing a fall wedding. Where do I even begin? Okay, an obvious one for me is the rich fall leaves. Autumn colors are to die for when it comes to photography. There is so much drama in the background with all the vibrant, earthy and creamy tones. Did I mention the colors are to die for?! Haha. Another aspect you may not consider is that the natural lighting is always spectacular in the fall. Truthfully I feel I can't take a bad photo in the fall, it's next to impossible. In my books fall is code for "photography magic" season.

Con: I don't wanna sound dramatic but there is absolutely no downside when it comes to photographing in the fall.

Fall Colors

Pro: As previously mentioned fall colors are to die for. If you're like me and you love romantic, rich contrast in your images then fall colors are for you!

Con: When picking your colors or bridal colors you may feel limited. If you're planning a fall wedding, deeper tones are something you should respect while planning different elements of your decor.
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer

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