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Don't be scared of winter engagement photos
with these 5 tips!
Edmonton Alberta Engagement Photographer
Don't let a little snow and cold weather stop you from getting incredible winter wonderland engagement photos. There is something about crispy white fluffy snow that really brings an image to life. If you're thinking of taking some engagement photos this winter follow these tips and you'll be thankful you never waited till spring!

1. Hold each other close

Oh yes, let's get snuggly! This is an engagement session after all. These images are supposed to capture all the intimacy and love you have for each other. So stay warm and get cuddled up. Your photographer will think you're just naturals in front of the camera.

2. Dress the part, always add on layers, and bundle up!

Long dress jackets, matching mittens, cute winter toques and big red scarves are a go! Don't be that girl in a cute short dress shivering the whole time. You will look back and think "Why did I do that?!" That doesn't mean dresses are out. They are very much in but, pair that dress with some warm tights and cute boots that match. Add some cozy layers like a jacket and you're ready to rock. You definitely wanna bring multiple layers to any winter session you can take some off or add some on. Being over-prepared is always a good idea.

3. Make it magical, embrace holiday decorations

The glow of warm fairy lights and festive decor can add a real sparkle to your images. That holiday vibe can really bring some magic into your images.

4. It's okay to add a pop of color

The white snow creates a clean and fresh canvas to play with. Bring a bold scarf, loud boots or a coloured jacket. If you want photos that will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family then you want winter photos with that perfect pop of color!

5. Be mindful of the daylight hours

The tricky thing about winter sessions is you'll be running out of daylight fast. If you work till 6 pm the sun is long gone by then. Maybe plan your session for a weekend or book a day off. You want the most ideal lighting. That is the secret ingredient to a great photo.

Edmonton Alberta Engagement Photographer

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