Do you remember the exact moment when you realized the pandemic was about to change your life in a really big way?
I was at my engagement party, without Shawn, in Ontario, because he had his flight cancelled. He called me that night and we discussed how the pandemic had been declared and in total we had about 3 months of cancellations for our airbnb roll in all at once. The next day I got the call from my design job laying me off and we wondered how long till Shawn was in that very same position. The following day my fight back to Alberta was cancelled and I had to pay upwards of $700 for a new return ticket. At that point we debated having Shawn drive from Alberta to Ontario, unsure what the safest option really was during a pandemic. I hugged my family good-bye extra tight at the end of that trip, praying it wasn't going to be my last visit with them.

Nearly two years later Shawn and I are officially married. Both our families remained safe and healthy despite my grandma having a heart attack and Shawn's mom ending up in Hospital not once but twice. We adopted our second puppy Mr. Willi Nelson and watched as his business more than survived the chaos while my photography company felt the effects of covid-19 on the wedding industry but in the end climbed back on top.

The last two years haven't been easy on anyone. Take a minute today to celebrate what you have overcome.

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