Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
Do I need professional photos at my wedding reception?
Yes, it's an option.
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer
Okay, the secret is out and weddings aren't cheap! Professional photography isn't cheap, either. That one should be obvious, nothing professionally done ever is! Wedding expenses add up, I get it. Between the photographer, wedding dress, suit, DJ, Venue, hotel rooms, catering ahhh.... the list never ends. Where should you cut costs?

You know you want photography for the ceremony, family photos and all the creative and fun bridal pictures but do you need reception coverage? That's a good question. Depending on the wedding this might be the perfect way to cut back on some expenses.

Reception photos can be hectic. It's late, hair and makeup was done earlier on in the day and let's face it, you may not blow up these reception images and put them on your wall. We are living in a world where everyone has a camera on their phone so you know there are going to be a ton of silly photos to look back on the next day all posted by all your friends and family.

You might be saying "Wait, Kaley! what about the first dance photos or the cake cutting?!" right about now and I'm with you! I totally understand the desire to have these important milestones photographed so maybe you have your photographer join you for an hour or two at the reception instead of the entire night.
The point is you have options. We can make you a package that works for you!
Below are images from a recently engagement session! 
Edmonton Alberta wedding Photographer

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