6 Tips For your Engagement Session

1. Matching Outfits Are Not As Cute As You Think...

Instead of matching outfits, think "complimentary outfits". We don't want you looking like twins but rather two people that just fit perfectly together!

2. Glam It Up Girlfriend!

Dress up! Be fancy! It's your time to shine! This is your chance to be the king and queen you know you are!

3. Don't Forget The Accessories

Can you really over accessorize? I don't think, so! Jewellery, scarfs, hair pieces, hats, belts you name it and I'll tell you to bring it!

4. Keep The Season In Mind

High heals and strapless dresses don't belong in a winter session. Embrace the season and put together a look that goes with it.

5. When Picking Colours Keep Away From Brights

Bright colours don't always come across as expected in camera. To keep detail stay away from the neon colours.

6. Be You!

Capturing your unique love and turning it into art is my jam! To do that I need you to simply be you. Show up ready to do just that and we will make magic happen!

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