Edmonton Alberta Engagement Photographer
5 Tips To Kill Your Engagement Session!
Edmonton Alberta Engagement Photographer
1. Dress up! This is your chance to show off your love in full force!

Pull out the high heels and dust off the dress shoes. I strongly encourage all of my clients to wear outfits that make them feel comfortable, fun, stunning and confident! Pull out all the stops for this one. You won't regret it.

2. Steam Or Iron The Outfits Ahead Of Time.

Say it louder for the people in the back! Haha. We want our session to be wrinkle-free!

3. Consider Professional Hair And Makeup For Your Shoot.

If you have a trial makeup session in mind this is the perfect time to use it! Getting glammed up will make you feel and look your best!

4. Make A Day Out Of It

We have all been stuck inside way too long since the covid hit. Take this as a sign to book a date night together after your photos are done. You will be feeling in love, flirty and beautiful so make dinner plans, schedule a babysitter, go for a walk in the river valley, and enjoy this day! When you look back on wedding planning this should be one of your favourite days spent together.

5. When In Doubt, Kiss It Out

Yes!!! This session is all about the two of you and all your chemistry. If you're ever not sure what you should be doing grab your partner and kiss them!
Edmonton Alberta Engagement Photographer

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