Edmonton Alberta engagement Photographer
4 Reasons You Should Do An Engagement Session
Edmonton Alberta engagement Photographer
1. Get comfortable with your photographer (me) !

That's right, we get to spend some quality time with just the three of us! Yeah! This way I'm a friendly face in the crowd on your big day and not just a stranger following you around with a camera in your face all day long.

2. Get comfortable in front of the camera.

Oh, so you're not a model every day of the week? No problem! All you need is one pre-wedding session to pick up the tips and tricks you need to make you look like a model. Fake it till you make it!

3. I get to figure everything out before the big day.

This is like my homework session. I get to figure out what looks best and what not to do on the big day. I can work out all the kinks and make sure our wedding day photo plan is flawless!

4. Celebrate your engagement!

🥳 You're engaged! That is an awesome freaking milestone and it should be celebrated! So start with a romantic fun photo session and end it with dinner for two or some Netflix and chill. Take an evening and make it all about you guys!
Edmonton Alberta engagement Photographer

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